Halo Warthog Cybertruck

Halo Warthog Cybertruck. Tesla's cybertruck and its resemblance to archaic video game graphics, truth be told, the vehicle was actually inspired by halo's warthog. Warthog irl!!— elon musk (@elonmusk) november 25, 2019.

Design Tasarim Panosundaki Pin
Design Tasarim Panosundaki Pin from i.pinimg.com

This video will reach 2m views it's the internet #tesla #haloinfinite. The m12 lrv warthog is a fictional vehicle that appears in the halo video game franchise. The geometry for the warthog run was complete but bungie did not have enough time to add any the geometry for the warthog run was left on the halo 2 disk and a group of modders actually used it.

— elon musk (@elonmusk) november 25, 2019.

Tesla's new cybertruck spawned so many memes. The warthog is the unsc's primary ground transportation vehicle. The warthog cybertruck looks great. Hey cool @halo support @nvidia rtx now.

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